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Multi-Choice2-50 Employees


Alternate Funding10-99 Employees


Key Accounts51-200 Employees


U-Funding150 + Employees


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Multi-Choice© is a fully funded approach that gives employers the ability to offer a variety of plan options to their employees. This is ideal for employers looking to build their benefit brand and meet the diverse needs of every employee.


Introduce choice in your employee benefits on the Multi-Choice® platform! Select from 24 plans ranging from Preferred Provider networks to select networks and H.S.A.’s.


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A software program, designed to present a series of questions for employers to answer, that will help them review the entire portfolio of 24 plans. Based upon the employer criteria the software will then identify and narrow the employee benefit plan designs recommended to be included in the customized Multi-Choice® employee benefit plan.




A decision making tool designed to assist employees when they enroll online for benefits. This will present some basic questions to help the employee narrow the choice of plans and then review the options that best fit their individual needs.





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“I want more comprehensive benefits and I am willing to pay more.”


“I want to contribute extra money to my H.S.A.”


“I want less expensive benefits.”